Development of information technology has developed rapidly. Companies are now starting to use information technology for supporting their business activities. Information technology is believed to provide substantial benefits to business continuity. The benefits that can be provided by information technologies such as the ease of work, automation of labor, time and cost efficiency, the company’s operational effectiveness, and so forth. The impacts are what makes companies rely on information technology.

The use of information technology should be well planned, consider the investment in information technology is relatively large. Companies need to consider the use and maintenance of information technology in order to truly provide benefits to their business. It takes a good governance of the use of information technology in order to know the maximum utilization of information technology, so the use of information technology can be useful and appropriate.

Today business needs become our inspiration to develop a community ISG (ISACA Student Group) UMN which will become a forum for students of Multimedia Nusantara University to gain a deeper knowledge of the IT governance from professionals, held a discussion in hospitality related to IT governance among students as well as from professionals, and developing a network of students that are useful in the working world.


Become an organization that is able to provide the knowledge and application of IT governance for Multimedia Nusantara University students.


A. Preparing students become professional in the professional world, especially in the field of IT governance.
B. Become a forum for students of Multimedia Nusantara University in providing direction and learning for Community ISACA Student Group UMN from ISACA directly
C. Makes ISACA UMN Student Group community as a benchmark for all universities in Indonesia in terms of the development of the student’s knowledge about IT governance
D. Build student to become hard-working, discipline and proactive.
E. Increase the interest of students, especially students of IT Governance to get to know a deeper knowledge of IT governance.

The Management Structure of
ISACA Student Group Multimedia Nusantara University

President : Ahmad Faza

Vice President : Arie Valiant Rindengan

Secretary  : Dyrn Zefanya Darmawan

Treasury : Steventri Sontrustlee